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Skating fast since 1955

Welcome to the Dawson Creek Speed Skating Club! A place where you can go fast and not get a speed skating ticket. We are a recreational and competitive speed skating club that offers learn-to-skate programs for all ages and abilities for long track and short track! Our season runs from September to March and we offer programs for anyone aged 3 and up. 

Our certified coaches promote the development of skating fundamentals and athlete development following the Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Model. All DCSSC members are part of the BC Speed Skating Association and Speed Skating Canada. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep in the loop. 


Come Try our First Strides Program

 Want to learn how to skate no matter what sport? Look no further than First Strides. This is a 10-level program that introduces anyone of any age to learn the basics of skating. This is perfect for youngsters and newcomers to Canada who want to get familiar with skating. A CSA-approved helmet and skates are required for the program. Sessions start this September

If you would like to see us practice or talk to us at the rink, please stop by the Dawson Creek & District Memorial Arena, we skate Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm, from September through to March. 

Required Safety Equipment

  • CSA-approved helmet (Hockey, Ski, or skateboard)
  • Neck guard (bib style)
  • Gloves (cut proof/leather)
  • Knee pads(volleyball)
  • Shin pads (soccer type without ankle protectors)
  • Elbow pads are optional
  • Kevlar ankle guards (available to purchase from the club)

Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos of the fun we have as a club from skating at the arena to outside on the Oval and even some competitions we've attended over the years. The Dawson Creek Speed Skating Club is a proud partner with Raistlin van Spronsen Media, a local photographer with a passion for sports, events, and portrait photography. He has worked with our club for many years (and he also coaches with our club too!) To learn more about his business, please visit his website here