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Getting you started on the ice!

We know starting a new sport is challenging and sometimes nervous. You're in good hands with the Dawson Creek Speed Skating Club. We have compiled a list of links that will benefit you from everything you need to know

General Information

Want to know more about the sport of speed skating in BC, or even across Canada? Or perhaps you want more information about the City of Dawson Creek. The links in the general information will have all that information.

Speed Skating British Columbia

Speed Skating Canada

City of Dawson Creek

Peace River Regional District

Information for Coaches

Looking for more specific information regarding coaching and officiating? Coaches are required to be either Trained or Certified to coach athletes.

Coaching - Speed Skating BC

Coaching - Speed Skating Canada

Coaching Association of Canada

The Locker 

Information for Officials

Looking for more specific information regarding officiating

Officials- Speed Skating BC

Officials - Speed Skating Canada


Looking for more specific information regarding Safety Equipment

Skate Fast - Equipment 

I Love Speed Skating - Equipment Provider


We understand that the cost of living is going up, and that includes sports. Thankfully we aren't raising prices at this time. However, we also understand that it may be a challenge to afford to put your children into sports. Thankfully there are a few options


Jumpstart - Individual Child Grants (Canadian Tire) 

Special Olympics

If you (as an adult) or your child have any sort of intellectual, physical, or mental disability you may qualify for participation in our Special Olympics program. This program runs throughout our regular on-ice season. Registration is completed through the local Special Olympics team. This doesn't guarantee your participation in speed skating as SOBC has minimum participants, coaching, and other factors to run the Speed Skating program. 

Special Olympics