Our Programs

We have programs for all ages and abilities. We can welcome athletes as young as 3 years old and up (no age is the limit) and with little or no skating experience. Our dedicated coaches and on-ice assistants will teach you how to skate and ease you into the sport of speed skating

Learn To Skate

Learn to Skate is a 10-session introductory program offered to skaters of all ages. The cost includes short-track speed skate rentals and all required safety equipment. Skaters are only required to bring their helmets and skate if they have any.

Learn to Speed Skate

  Skaters in this group build confidence on the ice as they develop their social skills, emotional control, and skating fundamentals through drills, games, and relays. As skaters continue to acquire the basic skills, coaches continue to develop athletes’ agility, balance, coordination, and speed. 

Beginning skaters who can do cross-overs around the corners quickly build their other skating skills as they gain the confidence to go faster.

High Performance

These athletes have become serious about their sport and practice and compete at high intensity throughout the year. In the Advanced program, these are our fastest and most developed skaters. The Advanced group spends more time on the ice and more time doing off-ice conditioning, flexibility, and strength exercises.

Special Olympics

Designed with children, youth, and adults with special abilities our Special Olympics program included these athletes as part of our Learn to Speed Skate Program. Some of these athletes also are allowed to participate in our HP program for extra training if they are excellent skaters.