About Us  

Serving Dawson Creek and Area since 1955

The Dawson Creek Speed Skating Club began in the fall of 1956. Mrs. Pat Underhill arrived in Dawson Creek from Calgary, in September of 1955 and immediately began the organization of the sport. After the arena was re-opened — it had been closed for a time to allow installation of artificial ice — Mrs. Underhill made arrangements with Mr. Leoppky, Canucks goalie Dave Leoppky’s father, for ice time. 

Some of the first members were Fay Vandergrift (Clease), Terry Meeres, and Leonard Pever. Archie Field, Bud Geer, and Pat Underhill were the executives until 1960 when official officers were established. Archie Field became President, Bud Geer was treasurer, and Mrs. Underhill was secretary and coach.

The DCSSC is entirely volunteer-run.  Our success depends on people being willing to help by serving on the board, or as other volunteers.  Please speak with one of the board members to see how you might contribute to the ongoing success of the club. Volunteers serve a wide range of tasks including helping with mats, events and fundraisers. Speak to a club member for more information